Harnessing the power of placenta-derived cells to amplify the body’s ability to fight disease, heal and regenerate itself.

Life Transformed

We are harnessing the cells, small molecules, and tissues from the placenta and umbilical cord to provide more successful, targeted therapies to patients.

Cellular Medicine

Celularity combines innovative assets and research in cell therapy, functional regeneration, and biosourcing to develop leading therapeutic products and services that treat serious, life-threatening diseases. We are harnessing the unique cells and biomaterials from the postpartum placenta to provide therapies that amplify the body’s ability to fight disease, heal, and regenerate itself.

Cell Therapy

Celularity is developing proprietary therapeutic products derived from the postpartum placenta which have powerful regenerative and immunomodulatory properties. Our cellular medicine portfolio has broad therapeutic applications in degenerative disease, immunological disease, and cancer.

Functional Regeneration

Our proprietary, FDA approved cellular and biomaterial platform has re-defined the fields of tissue engineering, wound healing, and organogenesis. Our functional regeneration products – all developed from the unlocked power of the placenta – have a broad range of applications in orthopedics, treating wounds and burns, and in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Celularity is leveraging proprietary placental technologies to create BLUPRINT - a biorepository of placental cells and tissue combined with unparalleled cellular and genomics information. BLUPRINT is a unique platform that will significantly accelerate the pace of innovation in the field of cellular medicine. We are building a global network of partners to leverage our placental technologies that will continue to enrich and strengthen BLUPRINT.